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Good teaching of typewriting demands that the teacher analyze the job, and set up specific objectives for the course. These objectives should be considered when making plans and should be placed in the hands of the learners so that they are aware of the goals they are seeking. The students will generally work more intelligently if they have help to select these goals.

Many educators argue that standards will be too low if the students are given a chance to participate in the establishing of these goals. However, not all students are interested primarily in a grade, and as a result, will give helpful suggestions in setting up the course objectives.

There are several factors that influence the objectives of any course. Perhaps the most influential are the needs of the community and the methods of the teacher. It is generally assumed that the aims of the class will determine to a large extent the course objectives.

Students who enroll in typewriting in public schools generally do so for personal use or in preparing for a vocation. Many questions.


HA Study of Recent Trends in Teaching Typewriting in Secondary Schools" was undertaken in an effort to disclose the new techniques for teaching that subject. The question uppermost in the writer's mind was, "What methods can be recommended to get the best results when teaching a subject where the actual application of the principles is up to the student himself?" With this type of subject, the teacher must get the co-operation of the students in order that they will be willing to work; otherwise very little, if any, learning really takes place. What techniques can be employed to get the best desirable results from principles presented in class?

The writer shall endeavor to gather various information available from textbooks and articles written on the improved methods of teaching business subjects and to join the material to present a handy reference for the beginning teacher or the ones present in the field seeking help in meeting their educational problems.

The following conclusions have been derived as are suit of the study:

1. Typewriting skill is controlled more by the mind than by the hands.

2. The development of skill requires the elimination of waste motions and poor techniques.

3. One phase of a skill should not be built at the sacrifice of another.

4. Students should be given the opportunity to progress at their own learning rates at all times.

The most important change is perhaps the one generated by technology. The writer agrees with Finn on his suggestion that mass instruction will invade our classrooms. Statistics will prove that more students are enrolled in formal classes now than ever before. This is perhaps a result of the population explosion that is threatening the world today. With this being apparent, the need to be able to transmit knowledge to larger groups of students at the same time will make mass instruction a must.

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