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The modem-up-to-date applications of mathematics in the social, economic, and civic life of the community insure comprehension of the subject matter and sustained interest of the pupils in the work of the course. Every new topic is presented to the pupils in some natural situation similar to those in which it functions in daily life. There is social value in each unit of problem material.

In the following suggested course of study for eighth grade general mathematics in Texas Junior High schools a suggested plan has been outlined for the subject matter proper in the teaching of eighth grade mathematics.

One of the major aims of mathematics should be the development in the pupils of an appreciation of number as a tool. As Dr. Judd points out one function of mathematics should show the pupil how the number system has enabled the human race to bring "order, arrangement and precision" to the consideration of the quantitative aspects of the environment.

The writer has used the unit of understanding as a basis of organization. The units are developed on the basis of areas of life experiences. When arranging the order of the units or when selecting activities for developing each unit the teacher should take into consideration, abilities, interests, arid plans of her group.

It is realized more and more that the problem of our schools is one of making mathematics real to the child and not principally one of teaching processes in mathematics. This is an attempt to give the child the type of mathematics that will help him to make a living if conditions prevent him from continuing in school and to build a good foundation for further study in mathematics. Emphasis is shifted from mere skill manipulation to an understanding of principles and applied problems which are real to the child.

Habits of accuracy, neatness, and of estimating and checking results should be developed.

The objectives of the eighth grade should be planned with the idea that this may be the last chance for drill in the fundamental operations, because many children drop out of school soon after this period.

This suggested course of study has been written with the present day curriculum revision movement in mind, which is now being discussed in nearly every state.

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