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This course aims to make the study of representative selections of prose and poetry in the English course for the eleventh grade in Charlton-Pollard High School, Beaumont, Texas more intelligible to the student. Merely telling a student to take certain selections leaves him at sea regarding what to look for or to think about. The result is a careless or mechanical perusal of the assignment, with no distinct impression of its meaning or appeal.

As a means of focusing attention and stimulating thought in reading, nothing is so valuable an aid to young persons as suggestive questions. It is the writer's intention that this course serve as a nucleus around which the teacher might arrange her own material. The questions are intended to be stimulating rather than exhaustive. They leave much that may be developed in the recitation by both student and teacher.

The general objectives of this course, including English and English literature, are to help pupils acquire the habit of using clear, correct, and forceful expression in both oral and written composition; to discover and develop special creative abilities; to teach the pupils to learn to read rapidly and understandingly ordinary English material; to help them develop a sense of discrimination between good and bad reading and to develop enjoyment of the good; and lastly, through reading, to attain higher ethical standards, to gain a better understanding of the world, and to have a broader outlook on life.

The course is broad enough to take care of the pupils having superior intelligence. In the case of the retarded children, certain parts may be omitted. The slow pupils will do the same quality of work, but not the same quantity. If the teacher wishes additional she may find means of securing same in the bibliography. This course allows for projects and ample pupil participation.


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