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Pursue: Undergraduate Research Journal

ISSN 2575-159X (online)
ISSN: 2473-6201 (Print)

PURSUE: Undergraduate Research Journal

ISSN 2575-159X (online) --- ISSN: 2473-6201 (Print)

Founded in 2016 by Yolander Youngblood, Ph.D. and Audie Thompson, Ph.D., PURSUE: Undergraduate Research Journal, provides a platform for undergraduates to share original research. It is essential that undergraduates see their credible research in journal articles. All articles in this journal are peer-reviewed by scientists and/or professionals in the field. The undergraduate student is the first author, while the faculty mentor and all other authors are second, third, etc.

Articles are accepted in the broad categories of science, technology, communication, agriculture, mathematics, architecture, engineering, history, political science, health, and education (this is not an exclusive list). It is open to all undergraduates nationally and internationally. Please contact Dr. Youngblood at if you have questions or concerns regarding submission.