Submissions from 2022

Designing sustainability programs to avoid and escape the capability trap, Vahid Faghihi, Amy Kim, and David Ford

Effects of Contractual Challenges in Building Information Modeling on Successful Implementation, Vahid Faghihi, Pouya Peimankar, Mohammad Taghi Nazarpour, and Ali Shafaat

Optimizing sustainability of infrastructure projects through the integration of building information modeling and envision rating system at the design stage, Avin Laali, Seyed Hossein Hosseini Nourzad, and Vahid Faghihi

High-efficiency CNT-Si solar cells based on a collaborative system enabled by oxide penetration, Xuewei Zhao, Wenjing Xu, Yizeng Wu, Huaisheng Wu, Zhiyuan Xia, Huiyi Xu, Yuanyuan Shang, Jinquan Wei, and Anyuan Cao

miR-204-containing exosomes ameliorate GVHD-associated dry eye disease, Tian Zhou, Chang He, Peilong Lai, Ziqi Yang, Yan Liu, Huiyi Xu, Xiaojing Lin, Biyan Ni, Rong Ju, Wei Yi, Lingyi Liang, Duanqing Pei, Charles E. Egwuagu, and Xialin Liu

Submissions from 2021

Synthesis, luminescent properties and white led fabrication of SM3+ doped LU2WMOO9, Zijun Chen, Huiyi Xu, Chunyan Cao, Xiaoting Chen, Min Zhang, Minkun Jian, Yuechan Li, and An Xie

Project management in oil and gas, Vahid Faghihi

IL-17 signaling induces iNOS+ microglia activation in retinal vascular diseases, Tian Zhou, Yan Liu, Ziqi Yang, Biyan Ni, Xiaowei Zhu, Zijing Huang, Huiyi Xu, Qiumin Feng, Xiaojing Lin, Chang He, and Xialin Liu

Submissions from 2020

Evaluating planning strategies for prioritizing projects in sustainability improvement programs, Amir R. Hessami, Vahid Faghihi, Amy Kim, and David N. Ford

Differential expression of α6 and β1 integrins reveals epidermal heterogeneity at single-cell resolution, Weiya He, Jinguo Ye, Huiyi Xu, Yangsheng Lin, and Yingfeng Zheng

Multiple Model Smith Predictor Control of Main Steam Temperature based on Gap Metric, Zeng Hui Ma and Hui Yi Xu

Multi model robust PID control of main steam temperature based on gap metric, Zenghui Ma, Huiyi Xu, and Fang Dong

Disturbance Compensation Control of SCR Denitration based on Mutual Information and PID Neural Network, Zeng Hui Ma, Hui Yi Xu, and Run Chao Zhu

Submissions from 2019

Dynamic expression of α6 integrin indicates epidermal cell behaviors, Weiya He, Huiyi Xu, Qikai Zhang, and Yingfeng Zheng

Submissions from 2017

Cloud-assisted tracking medical mobile robot for indoor elderly, Huiru Cao, Runjie Chen, Yucheng Gu, and Huiyi Xu

Submissions from 2016

Objective-driven and Pareto Front analysis: Optimizing time, cost, and job-site movements, Vahid Faghihi, Kenneth F. Reinschmidt, and Julian H. Kang

Submissions from 2015

Sustainable campus improvement program design using energy efficiency and conservation, Vahid Faghihi, Amir R. Hessami, and David N. Ford

Automation in construction scheduling: a review of the literature, Vahid Faghihi, Ali Nejat, Kenneth F. Reinschmidt, and Julian H. Kang

Submissions from 2014

Construction scheduling using Genetic Algorithm based on Building Information Model, Vahid Faghihi, Kenneth F. Reinschmidt, and Julian H. Kang

Analysis of power flow on power system with wind power grid, Hui Yi Xu

Applied research of convertible wind-solar hybrid system on Matlab, Hui Yi Xu

Submissions from 2013

Educational prediction markets: Construction project management case study, Ivan Damnjanovic, Vahid Faghihi, Chyllis Scott, Erin McTigue, and Kenneth Reinschmidt

Satrapm, a customizable web-based project management software, Vahid Faghihi and Julian Kang

Automatic generation of cobie data from revit, J. Lee, W. Jeong, V. Faghihi, and J. Kang

Submissions from 2012

BIM to field: Robotic total station and BIM for quality control, J. Kang, A. Ganapathi, J. Lee, and V. Faghihi

Photoacoustic Doppler flowmetry of whole blood by pulsed laser, Tao Lu, Weisheng Wang, and Huiyi Xu

Submissions from 2011

Simulation research on electric dominant strategy of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, Qingsheng Shi and Huiyi Xu

Submissions from 2010

Feedback current impact to distribution network of large capacity motor users, Huiyi Xu

Submissions from 2008

Two cases of tuberous sclerosis complicated by pulmonary lesions, Hui Yi Xu, Zhuo Qun Xu, and Xiao Xia

Submissions from 1998

Job satisfaction among community college occupational-technical faculty, Allen D. Truell, William T. Price, and Randy L. Joyner