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The Problem

To determine the kinds and amount of community work done by the teachers of Vocational Agriculture in thirty-three East Texas high schools.

Problem Analysis

To aid in answering the problem of this study the following sub-questions are presented: 1. Background of the community in relation to agricultural information. 2. Agency representation in the community. 3. Different kinds and amount of community work being done. 4. Physical evidence to determine whether community service program was a success. 5. Per cent of farmers reached through community service Jobs by the agricultural teacher. 6. Per cent of times that N. F. A. boys were carried on community service jobs. 7. Amount of time spent each week by the teacher doing community service jobs. 8. What part of the day is usually spent doing community service work. 9. What per cent of the community service jobs are done at the school. 10. Farming status within service area. 11. Is the teacher a land or home owner in the community.


This study has been limited to thirty-three high schools of East Texas where vocational agriculture is taught in 15 counties during the school year of 1948-4. Information obtained from the teachers of agriculture and area supervisor constitutes the basis for this study.

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E. M. Norris

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J. M. Coruthers

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J. M. Coruthers

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G. L. Smith

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J. M. Drew


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