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This study was made to gain first-hand information which will aid in discovering the vocational agricultural needs of the community and call the writer's attention to points of Importance, both for the immediate purpose of drawing up a suggested agricultural education program for Galilee High School and for future use in teaching.

Statement of Problem

What kind of New Farmers of America's program can be inaugurated in Galilee High School to provide "try-out" or exploratory experiences with certain phases of vocational agriculture that will assist each boy In discovering his potentialities and developing attitudes, understandings, and abilities that will enable him to take his rightful place in, to attain a harmonious social adjustment with and to make his own unique contribution to our democratic society?

Related Studies

The writer found the following studies that bore some similarity to his study: In 1944, Oscar John Thomas, while studying at Prairie View State College, made a study of the successful practices and procedures used In the best cooperative teaching program In the colored schools of Texas, the guiding principles underlining these practices and procedures, and suggested principles and practices for cooperative teaching with special reference to the part to be taken by vocational agriculture.

In 1945, Ray Alfred Harrison, while studying at Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College, drew up a program for teaching N. F. A. in a regular program of vocational agriculture. This study was made in the vocational agriculture department of the Luling Rosenwald School. The time limit of this study was one year.

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E. M. Norris

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G. L. Smith


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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