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Much has been written about students who are faced with the problem of securing a college education with insufficient funds. These students find it necessary to decide whether to work while attending school or whether to refrain from entering school until such time as funds are available to pay all expenses likely to be incurred while securing an education.

Thus, "the question of what effect engaging in non-academic work as a means of partial or entire self-support while attending college has been discussed for many years." (1) "In particular, the effect of outside work upon the scholastic achievement of students has been generally questioned." (2) Does a student's academic success suffer, improve, or remain unchanged because of the time and effort expended upon earning a livelihood? Hence, this study was undertaken in an attempt to learn what had been the effect, if any, of part-time employment upon the scholastic achievement of certain students in the Division of Home Economics at Prairie View State College, Prairie View, Texas.

The investigation was limited to the students who remained In school for four consecutive school sessions during the academic years 1926-1940.

The study was based primarily upon the grade point averages, percentages of subject failures, academic classification, and, also, upon the nature of the outside work performed by these students.

The results of this study may be of importance to all of those persons working with student employees and to others generally interested in student welfare at Prairie View State College. A problem such as this may aid in establishing fundamental causes of student failures and may stimulate other persons to make similar investigations. Such studies may eventually lead to controlling some of the factors contributing to failures in class work.

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E. C. May

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E. C. May


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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