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In most schools nothing at all is done toward speech rehabilitation due to various reasons such as lack of interest, lack of knowledge of the subject, too heavy teaching load, etc. Teachers are so concerned with teaching the three R's that only passing thoughts are given to speech.

This study is made mainly in the hope that teachers will do more to improve defective speech of children especially in the lower elementary grades of the public schools. Other purposes are: 1. To provide means of classifying speech defects. 2. To plan to improve defects. 3. To stimulate interest of teachers in classifying and eliminating defects. 4. To provide a guide for further study. 5. To provide a flexible supplement to the Bulletin on Special Education for Exceptional Children as adapted for small high schools.

Environment plays a very important part in voice quality. People are often "marked" for certain localities by a drawl, a pronounced nasality or a twang. As a part of the great East Texas where the speech is generally faulty and the careful observation of adults and high school students has given evidence, this study is based on two assumptions: 1. Speech defects do exist in Weldon School. 2. These defects can be remedied or greatly improved. With the above assumptions in mind the following questions arise: 1. Is the speech practiced at Weldon up to par? 2. What remedial measures, if any, are best adapted to the situation? Even more specific questions might arise such as: 1. Do children stutter, stammer, or lisp? 2. Are children shrill or high keyed? 3. Is there nasality or chronic hoarseness among children? 4. Is there evidence of tongue tie or baby talk among pupils?

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