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This study is one of many in the area of education at about this time because interest is high among some Americans who insist upon a citizenry capable of confronting the challenges of the times and solving problems carried over from the past. The schools are responsible for helping individuals with a foundation of learning on which they may build for the future. This recognition causes research into school practices, of which many of the findings are put into writing. Much has been written about the program in the junior high school in the form of reports, articles, and teaching guides, but too little has been written in book form, reports, or articles, about the junior high school principal, who is responsible for the direction of the one phase of American education that originated in this country. While one study of this nature is not conclusive for any number of years due to the growth being experienced in the area, it may serve to stimulate further study.

Very often preparation for a career in our changing society is not keeping pace with requirements for the career. The awareness of needs in preparation is a responsibility of the person serving in the position as well as institutions which offer the preparation. Once the needs are discovered, changes to supply these needs ought to be planned and instituted.

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