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Supervised study is that plan of school procedure whereby each pupil is so adequately instructed and directed in the methods of studying and thinking that his daily preparation will progress under conditions most favorable to a hygienic, economical, and self reliant career of intellectual endeavor.

The purpose of supervised study on a large scale is to aid in avoiding the large waste of time, energy, and community money that commonly results from the poor or unfortunate students failing to carry on effective study at home. Experimental investigations were reported which show that poor students learn much more effectively under supervised study. Supervised study seeks to prepare students not simply for high school graduation or courses in higher education, but to an even greater extent for successful coping with problems in a world of intense competition, where superior achievement depends on initiative, clear thinking and confidence in one's ability to organize experience for new adjustments. An attempt has been made to give here the underlying facts concerning supervised study in the Waco High School. It aids in making improvements in the development of its pupils in habit of self-reliance and self-initiativeness. It has caused the pupils to guard against or eliminate harmful habits of studying, and aided them in forming correct habits. It has served as a time saver in the elimination of waste of time to useless and unnecessary work by students. It also improves the general spirit of the school.

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J. C. McMorries


Prairie View State College


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