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The problem of the slow learner is receiving constantly greater attention. Educators are beginning to discover that the learning ability of this group of pupils is much greater than was originally believed. We have been freed from the notion that human nature is a fixed entity--that large masses of human beings are committed inevitably to a particular role in society, or to a world of poverty, war, crime, or economic or social stratification. We believe that the lot of the individual and of mankind is definitely improvable through the application to human living. The writer, too, is of the opinion that improved teaching techniques and greater understanding of child psychology can do much to help this group of children who may be classified as slow learners.

With the above opinion in mind and charged with the responsibility of teaching a section of the second grade of Carver Elementary School, Bryan, Texas, the writer decided to do further study in order that she might improve her efficiency in handling and teaching this group.

The Problem

The problem then may be stated--How to Adjust the Curriculum to Meet the Needs of the Slow-Learners in the Second Grade of Carver Elementary School, Byan, Texas.

The purpose of this study is to discover and furnish information that will aid in teaching the slowlearner. To do this the following objectives have been listed:

1. To remove all possible defects and develop the maximum of their well being.

2. To develop desirable and healthful habits of learning.

3. To assist children in mailing the best possible social adjustment.

4. To give children those fundamentals of academic education; they will be needed in life.

5. To develop a form of useful, workable information which shall be definitely related to experiences.

6. To equip the child, if possible, with some specific skills of a vocational or prevocational type.

7. To prepare each child to become at least self-supporting.

8. To provide simple wholesome recreation for the child.

Need for the Study

Since the child will spend a large percentage of his time with the classroom teacher, reason and experience both indicate that she must do her best to meet the needs of slow children as individuals, carrying them on at their own or individual pace. In so doing it is necessary to use new and appealing techniques, methods, and materials of instruction to improve the learning situation of these children. Special attention and effort will be made to find out what can be accomplished with children classified as dull normal or slow learners. Every factor shall be taken into consideration as to the child's health, interests, needs, and environment. By taking all the above items or factors into consideration, the writer feels that this will make it possible for her to set up a curriculum that will enable the child or slow learner to realize his potentialities as an individual and as a member of a group.

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