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Every modern business enterprise wants to serve as large a number of its customers as possible. To serve them, they usually have attractive stores, beautiful fronts, courteous clerks, and a good quality of merchandise at a fair price. They have goods and services, and they realize that the selling of these goods and services is important to their continuation in a profitable business. They realize that "He that serves best profits most.

In a democracy, the school exists to serve all the youth who can profit by what it has to offer. Since there is a relationship between scholastic attainment and regularity of attendance, the school should strive to keep as many scholastics in regular attendance as possible. The American public school is one of the basic social institutions of our democracy and if it is to serve fully the purpose for its existence, it must hold and keep in school regularly, as long as possible, the boys and girls for which the school was established.

Educators throughout the United States are seriously concerned with the problem of non-attendance; for it is fundamentally important to every person in any way connected with the school. A large number of our students are absent day after day throughout their years of school attendance.

This widespread non-attendance tends to retard the pupils and to have a detrimental effect upon our schools today. This is from the standpoint of loss of opportunity, discouragement, and humiliation to and for the pupil. The writer realizes that the school's services to the community may be measured in quantity, as well as in quality of the works done. It may also be assumed that better community service could be rendered, were the schools able to maintain a maximum of enrollment and attendance. The reduction of the attendance problems with nonenrollees, consistent absentees, truants, and withdrawals that occur in the span of the school year would greatly enhance the total school program.

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