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A seventh-grade arithmetic program should not be built on the assumptions that all of the pupils will be proficient in the skills taught in the preceding grades that all will profit by the same type of instruction, first task of the teacher is to determine how much knowledge and skills the child possesses. It is also her duty to learn how much miseducation has taken place in the pupil's experiences. It is essential that the specific difficulties of each child be located. However, to determine the nature of the weaknesses is not sufficient to aid pupils in eliminating or reducing them. If the causes of the deficiencies are discovered, appropriate measures can be applied to correct them. The problem of determining the exact causes is a more difficult task because in many cases a number of factors contribute to the deficiency.

Teachers of the elementary grades often find it necessary to use remedial teaching measures. This phase of teaching is very important and should always be preceded by some means of diagnosis. When the nature of the difficulty has been determined and the probable causes have been established steps should be taken to correct the condition.

Pupils' incorrect procedures and minor difficulties can be eliminated quickly by direct teaching, cases9 however, medical care will be necessary to remove difficulties caused by defective physical conditions, is especially true in such cases as auditory and visual defects. Other causes, such as an unfavorable attitude toward arithmetic are more deep-seated and naturally more difficult to correct. Remedial teaching should be done as an integral part of the regular work in arithmetic. Treatment should always begin with a direct attack on the difficulties ascertained and at the level of the learner. Special considerations should be given to the environmental factors and their influence upon learning. Individual differences must be provided for in establishing goals to be attained.

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