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The increase and rapid growth of juvenile delinquency is one reason for the contemporary widespread interest in the problem, The current interest in juvenile delinquency also stems from the fact that many politicians, clergymen, and educators have come to appreciate and to exploit its value in the promotion of their respective interest, The search for causes of delinquent behavior is beset by many difficulties, there appears to be no general consensus as to what actually causes delinquency or antisocial behavior, There is no royal road to an understanding of the problems of delinquency, its causes, and treatment. Those who expect ready-made answers, simple formulas, and easy cliches may as well prepare themselves for disappointment. Our knowledge of human nature, particularly in its wayward expressions, is still meager and scanty despite notable progress in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, sociology, and social work during the past three decades. The best we can hope for is to put together what information we have and proceed to plan and develop our policies in the basis of the best-tested evidence available.. Let us, however, not be deluded by false hopes and false illusions expecting more than our limited knowledge for the present can provide. Those of us who come into contact with children (and who among us does not?) whether as parents, teachers, ministers, jurists, or police officials, frequently feel themselves especially qualified to speak with considerable authority on the problems of youth.

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Clifton E. Jones


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