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In this study, the writer has four interrelated purposes. To sketch a brief background she first tries tries to outline several conditions In the railroad industry and in the labor movement in general that fostered the growth and development of national unions among negro railroad workers, particularly the United Transport Service Employees of America. Next, she attempts to portray the history of this organization against its natural background, by tracing its origin and rapid development. Her concern is the discovery of the origin of the red cops, their early efforts at organization, and the immediate and far-reaching goals they set for themselves.

In the third place, she seeks to portray the problems of the United Transport Service Employees and to analyse the programs, policies, and activities they engaged in to achieve their objectives. Here she tries to ascertain the efforts of other unions to win jurisdiction over the red caps, the struggles of the transport workers for employee status, wage recovery, living wages, and other union objectives. She also tries to find out which community agencies helped or hindered those struggles and the extent to which women auxiliary units entered the flight on the various fronts.

Finally, she endeavors to appraise the program and taction of the organization In the light of the changes in the cost of living, of changes in governmental agencies, and flow Deal legislation, in the light of industrial democracy and some labor philosophy. To achieve this final aim she has to note the trends In railroad employment and earnings, the racial policies of the transportation unions, the labor demands due to defence and War Production, the efforts to close the breach between the A. F. of I. and the C. I O, and the labor end union policies of federal agencies in War industries.

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