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Since earliest time, recreation, like work, love and worship, has been a major form of human activity. Festivals, dances, games and music have always been a part of life, although at times they have been looked upon with disapproval by certain groups.

In all lands play is the chief occupation of the young child during his waking hours. Through play, the child attains growth and experiences. It is the major business of life for him; it is nature's way of affording outlets to the great biological urge for activity.

When people can do what they please, if they are eager to use their time in the development and use of creative skill, in active sports and games, in social activities that can unite a whole community.

What we do with our spare time is important to each of us because it can be used to enrich our lives, as individuals, families, friends and associates. We play ball, swim, learn hobbies, act in plays and participate in civic affairs. We do these things by choice.

What we do in our free time is important to our community because good recreation makes good citizens. Therefore, it is Important for communities to provide facilities, services and leadership for ever expanding leisure-time activities.

The purpose of this study was to determine the need, interest, and adequacy of the program being conducted for teen-age recreation in Victoria, Texas. The researcher used the questionnaire method in gathering data for this study.

The purpose of this study was to attempt to discover the needs and interests of teen-agers and adequacy of the present recreation program in Victoria, Texas. This study was confined only to Negro teen-agers of Victoria, Texas.

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Curtis A. Wood


Prairie View A&M College


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