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It was the purpose of this study (1) to compare the types of reporting by various newspapers versus periodicals of the facts of the Billie Sol Estes case, and (2) to show that governmental intervention was necessary in the Billie Sol Estes case.

Our American society is based on an economic philosophy— the doctrine of laissez faire. This is the economic philosophy generally subscribed to several decades ago. During the past four decades, however, political government has been so busy eliminating monopolies that many people question whether capitalism is the proper designation for our system. Monopolies tend to develop because pure competition is not always practiced. However, there are undertakings in which competition is not socially desirable. To preserve the virtues of the present system, it is essential that no group or combination of groups be permitted to use government for the purpose of regulating prices or control for their own advantage, and to the detriment of the public. A balance of national power arising from and representing all economic groups must be maintained. Therefore, it is even more important that individuals, in the various economic groups and their leaders, be increasingly motivated by a real interest in the economic well-being of all persons who live within the society. Thus, a survey of the press opinions on the Billie Sol Estes case as reported through news releases in regards to interactions, transactions, involvements, and outcome is of significance to our understandings of free enterprise in our capitalistic society.

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