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The purposes of the writer of this thesis are as follows: 1. To show how man lives, what he does, and why his condition is different, 2. to show the dependence of man upon earth's conditions and earth's resources and, 3. to relate how the writer used the natural resources found in the community to teach geography to the lower Elementary Grades.

The teachers in the rural schools who are alert to the needs of, and the interest of the girls and boys in their classes can find numerous ways of improving their teaching. One of the most important improvement in methods of instruction is the emphasis now placed upon bringing the child into contact with the objects taught. Here-to-fore the sole methods of developing new ideas was by the teacher supplemented by the written words of the text. In either case it was instruction by words. Today however we no longer use this sole avenue of approach, but recognize the value of teaching a new thing by presenting for consideration, whenever possible, first, the word for the thing, second, the thing itself, third, a model of the thing and lastly, a painting or picture of the thing.

Pupils should be taught to observe, and by correlation of nature study and science and brawing, I shall endeavor to show how they can be trained to observe the things about them. Observation will show a child that geography is not a study of words in books, but a study of the world and the things around him.

The writer shall also attempt to familiarize them with the threefold need of man, food, clothing and shelter, of man's relation to community life, how this is influenced by geographical conditions, and what those conditions are. The writer's final point is to show the interdependence of man and the cooperation for the common good, and how man is dependent upon earth's resources for the essential things of life.

The author has attempted to make her class in geography a thing of joy; so many of her pupils were coming to her saying, "I just hate geography", that she set about conceiving a plan that would make them enjoy it, for surely if they hated it, they were not getting anything from it, and the time was being wasted. The author has been so entirely successful in the fulfillment of her aim that she is passing her plan on the others who might find themselves faced with the same problems.

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