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Since health supervision is now recognized as a most important part of the school and community health program, we cannot well separate public health in a school system from public health in the community. There are fundamental reasons why a community should be responsible for the conservation of the health of the children in its schools. Doctor Hiscock, in his book entitled "Public Health Organizations", argues thus: "Children required to attend school must be protected against neglect, ignorance or indifference on the part of parents of some children who are permitted to attend school while in the communicable stages of disease. When a community makes education compulsory, it must assume responsibility for providing healthful environment for the children. It is important to educate the child in the principles of healthful living, so that he may himself have sound health and thus safeguard the community in the future. Furthermore, it is essential to find out and endeavor to have corrected physical and mental defects in the child before they affect his ability to learn and interfere with his school career". Dr. Hiscock suggests five primary purposes of school health supervision: 1. "To detect and prevent the spread of communicable disease. 2. To insure sanitary conditions at the school plant. 3. To discover early and guide the child to appreciate the care for correction of physical and mental defects. 4. To promote sound physical development. 5. To educate the child in matters of community and personal hygiene and in the principles of healthy living".1

The major functions of a school health program are to carry out the purposes as outlined. They may well he divided into four groups: 1. Sanitation; 2. Medical and Nursing Service; 3. Health Education; and 4. Physical Education. Every school situation, however casual or minor it may be, is an opportunity for health education. And every adult member of the school staff has some responsibility.

1 The American Association of School Physicians. School Physicians Bulletin. Pages 3-4. Volume VI. January, 1936.

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