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This Thesis is chiefly concerned with the period of the child's life from five to nine. (Children of the first grade come withinthis age range.) It is chiefly interested in speech charachteristics and defects of these children and corrective procedures for the same.

The sources of data for the study were, books, by authorities on speech, Teacher's magazines, State Course of study, personal investigation, other teachers, and observation.

By research and investigation the writer found that most authorities agree on the following points: the average first grade child comes to school with certain language powers, gained from his preschool environment; speech defects of three kinds: functional, organic, and vocabulary; the teacher's problem is to recognize these speech defects, diagnose the cases with some degree of accuracy, especially in the early grades, and to prescribe a cure.

It is the purpose of this thesis to present certain speech characteristics and. defects of first grade children of Washington School as observed during the period of the study, along with corrective procedures pursued and findings.

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R. B. Isaac

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Earl L. Sasser


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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