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This Thesis aims primarily to show how teachers may help pupils in Junior and Senior High Schools and continuation schools to plan educational courses intelligently and to choose vocations according to their particular aptitudes and the vocational requirements of the communities in which they live. I am going to discuss the need of such assistance and show conclusively that unless pupils are advised by those who are competent to give advice they will pursue "hit and miss" educational programs and will try first one vocation and then another on the principle of trial and error. This method of preparing for and entering upon one's life work results so frequently in misfits that no one who is at all familiar with the situation can entertain any doubt a program of educational and vocational counseling for pupils so that when they leave the schools they may choose vocations adapted to their interests, aptitudes and special talents.

Not many years ago pupils never received a word of expert counsel concerning the vocations for which they might best prepare. Until recently it was quite generally believed by educational administrators and teachers that it was not an obligation of a school to advise its pupils regarding proper preparation for one or another vocation in accordance with their special endowments or the vocational requirements of the community.

Fifteen years ago it was almost universally thought that the school should educate pupils and then they should rely upon their own ingenuity or upon providence to direct them into callings in which they could be of service to their fellow men in a pursuit of which they would find enjoyment. Fortunately those days have gone forever in most communities in this country and henceforth, educational and vocational counseling will be regarded just as important and necessary a part of the function of a school as the teacher of arithmetic, algebra, history, practical arts, or performing any other functions of the school.

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G. W. Reeves


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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