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Home Economics


The planning of an individual's wardrobe is very important and should be considered very carefully. Clothing has a tremendous influence upon individuals lives. Therefore, it is very essential for every college girl to know the value of clothing and what they can do for her.

A girl's career may be affected by her clothing. Many times girls have had opportunities to qualify for positions but because of a lack of interest in dress and a deep appreciation for clothing they have failed to qualify. A chance for leadership and self-expression has been lost because of a natural disregard for clothing and a lack of training in the appreciation and beauty in clothes.

Regardless to what has been said against appearance as a snare and an empty vanity the fact still remains that dress has a tremendous influence upon individuals, upon the wearer and the beholder. If one is conscious of being properly attired, all of her faculties are stimulated and inspired.

The purpose of this thesis is to point out certain important phases in the planning of a Southern college girl's wardrobe. The facts which are essential in order to secure and maintain positive health and to acquaint one with some facts and conditions of clothing which will lead to ill health.

It is designed to help the girl to stay within her economical status or within the family income with a feeling of being well dressed at all times. It is planned to help guide the girl in selecting designs that are best suited to one's personality and help bring out the desirable qualities and to obstruct those which are less desirable.

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D. R. Hawkins


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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