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I. Concert Band arrangement of Sonata Opus 10, Number 2, Ludwig von Beethoven, Allegretto movement.

II. The problems involved in this study are related to the technic of orchestration. The primary problem is transcribing for symphonic band from a piano score.

III. In completing this study I used the following procedures :

1. Reviewed piano Sonata literature

2. Selected approved sonatas for transcribing

3. Reviewed Orchestration technics

4. Finally, the band transcribing from the piano Sonata

IV. Condensed Summary of Findings

In arranging this selection I have tried to bring out the effects of an orchestra with the concert band. It isn't very likely that you will get the same sound as the orchestra by a similar effect. To try and get this effect I often used the entire band, and different also. At the beginning of this movement the sound is light so I used my woodwind section, followed by the brass section back to the woodwind section, then the entire band. At the trio, I begin to use different sections and different instruments to get the full effect. The last part of this movement which is the main theme again, I even transferred the bass clef instrument to treble and the treble clef to bass. This was done to keep the section from moving so fast and to create a good solid balance for the ending.

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Rudolph von Charlton

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H. Edison Anderson

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Gerald Slaughter


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