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This study includes fifty negro pre-school children between the ages of two and six years who lived in Henderson county, texas.

Henderson County is located in East Texas, between the Neches and Trinity Rivers. In 1930 (194-0 Census Report was not available at the time of the study) the population of Henderson County consisted of 6,793 families; 4,4-25 of which were farm families. There were 1,524- Negro families in the county; 1,289 were farm families and 235 were non-farm families. In other words, 84..5 percent of the Negro families in Henderson County were farm families, and the remainder non-farm families.

Fruits and vegetables were grown commercially throughout the county. Dairying and poultry raising were developed, both for home consumption and marketing. Dairying had become one of the most important livestock industries with the establishment of creameries and milk routes throughout the county. Poultry raising, both for home consumption and marketing, was increasing.

Principal crops were cotton, corn, grain, sorghums, ribbon cane, white and sweet potatoes, peas, and beans. Cotton acreage was reduced fifty percent, while crops for the livestock and food products were correspondingly increased. Athens, the county seat of Henderson County, has a population of A,765. It is the largest town in the county and serves as the principal trading center and shipping point.

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