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The catalytic oxidation of furfural in aqueous chlorate solution, using vanadium pentoxide or osmium tetroxide as the catalyst, yields chiefly fumaric acid with the former and meso-tartaric acid with the latter catalyst.1

Session2 has made a qualitative study of the vapor phase oxidation of furfural but reported only small yields of maelic acid.

The aim of the present investigation is two-fold: (1) to describe a general technique for the catalytic oxidation of organic substances of low volatility or substances which polymerize or resinify easily before they come in contact with the catalyst, and (2) to apply this improved technique to a quantitative study of the catalytic oxidation of furfural, being chiefly concerned with the per cent of yield of maleic acid vs temperature and air flow.

1Nicholas Milas and William Walsh, "Catalytic Oxidation, Oxidation in the Furan Series," Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. LVII (1935) pp. 1389-1393. 2Willlam V. Session, "Catalytic Oxidation of Furfural in Vapor Phase," Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. I (1928), p. 1696.

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E. E. O'Banion

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Cedric T. Stubblefield


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