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Use appalling number of deaths and accidents each year in the United States presents a challenge to society. In a civilization that is moving at a constantly increasing rate of speed and with the individual continuously facing new hazards. It is my belief that education is the major approach in teaching safety. This program should go further than the school. It must include the home and industry. It must be carefully planned and continuous. It should be carried on intelligent* ly in the home long before the child enters school. The school and par cant s must work together with no relaxation from the first day of enrollment until the youth is graduated or leaves school.

The National Safety Council states: Heme accidents in 1955 totaled approximately 27,000, a decrease of 500 from 1954 total. There were about 4,050,000 disabling injuries. Cost—including wage loss, medical expense, and overhead cost of insurance—amounted to $750,000.00.

Safety education should continue throughout the life of the individual but it unquestionably reaches its peak during the school years.

The Texas Safety Association Insurance Guide to Community Action For Safe Living stated: Accident Facts 1950 Mitlons, shows that 21, 562 accidents occurred in the schools of the United States during the school year 1949-50, Of this number 17.9$ occurred in the gymnasium, 6,2$ in the vocational shop, 8,6$ in the classroom and the auditorium, 4* 4,6$ on the stairway and hallways, 26,4£ in unorganized activity on the playground, and 13$ in organized athletics.

Industry has long been aware of the importance of a safety program and spends millions of dollars annually to cut down its accident rate. The schools recognize their responsibility, Proof is the ever-expanding program in which pupils are taught how to live as well as how to read and write. Safety education begins the day the child enters kindergarten with a program that Includes safety in school, at play, on the street, and in the home. As the child grows older he is given the opportunity to serve on one of the mary cccEdtteos on patrols that form part of student body government, Safety education is integrated with all subjects at all levels. But in the secondary schools, special emphasis is placed in certain departments.

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