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Realizing the school is not the sole agency responsible for the health of the children, this responsibility is determined by many factors, including heredity, home environment, nutrition, personal attitudes, intelligence, information, economic status, and diseases. It would be as unfair to attribute ill health in the nation to failure of the schools as it would be unwarranted to claim all health progress as caused solely by the schools, yet the schools are a vital factor.

Therefore, this study will reveal what has been done toward physical and environmental conditions of Negro school children in Smith County and point out the extent to which these conditions may be improved.

The questions to be answered are as follows: 1. What are the health conditions of Negro children in Smith County? 2. What emphasis is being placed upon a conservation program for the improvement of these health conditions? 3. What recommendations may be offered to aid in the improvement of this program?

This study is the outcome of thirty-four years of experience of the writer while serving as a teacher in one of a two-teacher rural school in Smith County. The writer was inspired to make this study to show other counties of the state of Texas, what has been done toward the conservation of human resources in Smith County, and to show that upon the schools and communities of any county will rest a large part of the burden of producing a health program that will insure adequate health protection.

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C. A. Wood

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A. C. Preston

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D. I. Burdine


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