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Panola County, Texas

Panola County is a historic County in the deep Piney Woods Country of East Texas on the Louisiana line. For many years it was a quiet farming, lumbering county, but with quickened economic development in recent years with development of oil and natural gas industries and diversified farming. Panola County was created and organized in I846 from Harrison and Shelby Counties. It was named for the Indian word meaning cotton.

Panola county is a forested, rolling plain dissected by the Sabine River and its tributaries. Its soils are sandy loam, sandy clay, clay, and alluvial in bottoms. It's a big lumber county, with pine, gum, cypress, and other hardwoods. About 264,000 acres are in timber and there are many sawmills in the county. In 1956 there were 1,057,451 barrels of oil produced in the county. One of the world's largest natural gas fields is found in Panola County, and interstate pipelines also originate here. There are deposits of lignite, clay, and iron ore found here. There is good game cover with excellent hunting and fishing in forests and along streams. New lake on Murval Creek furnishes about 23,000 acre-feet of water for industry. The lake is a recreational center with picnic areas for both white and colored. Fishing, boating, and water skiing are becoming very popular sports in the area.

Poultry, with big production of both broilers and eggs, is leading other agricultural enterprises. This is one of the leading poultry-producing counties of the state. Beef cattle for slaughter calves have shown a rapid increase in recent years. Commercial dairying# swine cotton# sorghums for grain and silage, and strawberries have also shown increased activity during the past decade. Panola county has an average annual rainfall of 44.44 inches, a growing season of 2A2 days, and an average temperature of 67 degrees.

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