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It is essential in group feeding, that principles of modern scientific management be applied with intelligence and discrimination to aid in the nations all out war effort. These principles should assure maximum utilization of available food supplies, improved quality of the products served and, most important, improved nutritional health and greater meal enjoyment for those who are served. Improved nutritional health can be a major factor in attaining optimum output and increase efficiency in everyday undertakings. The nation, as a whole, is emphasizing that healthful eating is an individual's patriotic responsibility and for that reason, people have become nutrition consoious. Everyone may be aroused to his responsibility through education as well as through research.

Nutrition experts are the logical ones to provide the knowledge of nutrition needed to improve national food habits. Long time practice, however, is necessary to break old habits which may have been formed over a period of years. Fortunately, though, there are several approaches to this task, and one of them, if not begun before, maybe started at the college level. One of the foremost objectives of college education is learning how to live and learn. Good food practices should be included as essential in the successful completion of this objective. Nutrition may easily be taught through a program of education to a group of students eating in a college dining hall where the choices of food might easily he observed. Then,as students gain a knowledge of nutrition there should be evidence of changes in their selections of foods.

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