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This study is being made to determine the possibility of organizing a supervisory program in the Luling Rosenwald School so that the teachers and principal may be enabled to work more co-operatively in order that the quality of instruction may be improved. Emphasis will be placed upon both the quality of supervision and the quality of instruction necessary to meet the demands of our democratic school system.

This study becomes significant particularly because of three general changes that have occurred within the Luling Rosenwald school system within the last few years. The first of these changes is the increased enrollment. This called for an expansion of the physical plant and an addition of teachers. This expansion of school age population is an indication of the ever growing desire and social demand for education. A second change is a shift from a non-supervisory program to one that has organized supervision. This change meets the demand of modern society relative to supervisors and teachers who are called upon to cope with the changing situations in education. The progressive school personnel already realizes these demands, and they are rapidly adjusting themselves to the changes. The third general change has to do with the supervisor, principal, and teacher's duty and responsibility to the school and community.

The specific purpose of this study is summed up in the following objectives: 1. To determine the critical needs through an analysis of the total situation; 2. To formulate a point of view through an examination of the literature in the field; 3. To organize learning experiences that will be appropriate to a specific need.

The study involves the teachers, principal, and supervisor of the Luling Rosenwald School. It is impossible for the writer to secure a complete and accurate picture of all the functions, duties, and responsibilities that these educators must take upon themselves, but every effort has been made to gather as complete data as possible so that those concerned will get a general knowledge as to what to expect of the modern supervisory program.

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