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In all communities the number one consideration should be health, As it is known, without it there just would not be progress.

In the early days, health was not carried to its fullest extent because people had less knowledge of the care for one's body and surroundings. With the change of time and this new age, there should not be any need for neglect of one's self and his surroundings.

Within the text of this thesis, the writer has tried to cover some of the things that contribute to healthful living. Special emphasis has been given to health: social, political, and economic. A brief history of health will be found within this text. The facts are as the writer found them in the study of this community. The writer also used other authors' and educators' points of view on this subject.

Sweeny is a small city located in South Texas. It is twenty miles west of Bay City, Texas, ten miles north of West Columbia, Texas, twenty-six miles east of Free Port, Texas, and sixty-six miles south of Houston. It is located between two big industries: Dow Chemical Plant in Free Port, and Old Ocean Gas and Refinery in Old Ocean, Texas,

Sweeny is a low, flat area which causes the water to empty from it into the Gulf of Mexico. The land is fertile and suitable for farming most all kinds of crops and for cattle raising. Its ground is rich with minerals.

The city receives as much rainfall as any other city in this area.


Statement of the problem. It was the purpose of this study (1) to investigate the health conditions of the Negro citizens in Sweeny; (2) to investigate the factors influencing health conditions; and (3) to determine if the Negro citizens live in circumstances above or below the normal health standards.

Purpose of the study. This study was undertaken because the writer was interested in the health of the people in the community. The writer feels that the need for health improvement is highly important in our present-day society, With the prevalence of disease and increases in population, a community should try to maintain its highest health standards.

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