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The purpose of this research was to make a study of the teaching methods and practices used in developing skills in typewriting. The following questions were considered in this investigation; 1. Are there personal observations and recommendations which may be noted with reference to the development of proficiency in typewriting? 2. Is there a need for improving methods in the teaching of typewriting? 3. Superiority of one method over another? 4. What improvements have been made in the methods of teaching typewriting since the first course? 5. What methods are used to develop skill in typewriting?

Because of the growing interest in typewriting as evidenced by the large enrollments in typewriting classes, there is a necessity for a knowledge of new methods and techniques of teaching this skill. Years of experimentation and research by pioneers in the field of typewriting have produced many and varied instructional techniques.

In as much as the techniques or methods employed by the instructors will vary, it is desirable to have a broad knowledge of many methods that may be applied to various problems arising in classrooms.

It is felt that a compilation of the findings of authors on this subject would be of great benefit to prospective teachers, and teachers in service, as it will provide means of broadening their knowledge. An increase in knowledge should develop a better understanding of teaching methods, from which more effective teaching should result.

The information for this study was obtained from books, articles, and parts of articles concerning the teaching of typewriting in the, Balance Sheet, The Business Education Forum, The Business Education World, The Business Teacher, The Journal of Business Education, and other educational publications.

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Kenneth H. Briggs


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