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This study is primarily concerned with the spatial pattern of deaths in the city of Houston, Texas, It will mention briefly, however, scare of the research that have previously emphasized the importance and the relation of "place" to sooial phenomena.

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Robert E. Park has been the pioneer figure in America in the application of the ecological approach to the study of human relations. The term ecology was borrowed from the study of plants and their environment and came into Social Science as a logical conclusion. to human or anthropogeography.

Theoretical Statements: Human ecologists have assumed the spatial distribution: of social phenomena. The principle here is that social phenomena vary directly or inversely with the distance from the city, of dominance, the central business district zone. Human ecologists have assumed an order among all living organisms. This order is the result of the "competition of life" as park describes it, which is analogous to Darwin's "struggle for existence".Competition arises among human beings because there is a homogeneity of human wants and demands in excess of nature's supply. This competitor of organisms creates a constructive process known to ecologists and sociologists as symbiosis which is the tendency of one to render services to another. Symbiosis among human beings as well as plants and animals creates a pattern Darwin called the "web of life.

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