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Suggestions for remedial work in arithmetic has "been discussed at length by various authorities in this field. Most of the difficulties in arithmetic could be eliminated if the proper instructional materials and procedures were used.

The Problem

Statement of the problem. The purpose of this study is (l) to discover the abilities of children in fifth grade arithmetic, in Webberville Elementary School; (2) to show the amount of accomplishment children can make in an arithmetic program based upon specific remedial measures; and (3) to show what a remedial program consists of.

The Importance of the Study

This study makes application of procedures, experimental techniques, and exercises to improve pupil performance with mathematical and social use of arithmetic. It should stimulate teachers to use research in the classroom. To know that a child is failing and not competent is not enough. We must seek a reason why. There is a lack of studies of this kind. Most studies are usually made by people who do not teach.

Scope and Limitations

This study is concerned with a fifth-grade class consisting of thirty-four pupils--nineteen boys and fifteen girls which is a small sampling, This study does not attempt to set national norms nor standards rather it seeks to make application of experimental procedures that have been previously used in a similar classroom situation for improving instruction and learning. It is a classroom project. As such it may be considered a pilot study to direct teachers to examine their practices in the light of research findings to eliminate faulty practices and roundabout procedures and reduce failure.

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K. Snell Gibson

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K. Snell Gibson


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