Comparison of proteins synthesized by polarized caprine oviductal epithelial cells and oviductal explants in vitro

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Our objectives were to compare proteins secreted by caprine oviductal explants and oviductal epithelial (OE) cells in vitro. Oviducts were collected from goats on Days 1 (n = 5) and 5 (n = 5) of the estrous cycle. Radiolabeled secretory proteins from tissue segments and cell cultures were visualized using SDS-PAGE and fluorography. After culture, media from ampulla oviduct segments collected on Days 1 and 5 of the estrous cycle contained an acidic 97 kDa protein, which was greatly reduced in culture medium obtained from infundibulum and isthmus oviduct segments. A complex of low molecular weight proteins (14-26 kDa) could be modulated by estradiol when OE cells were cultured on plastic. This complex was constitutively expressed when OE cells were cultured on Matrigel-coated filters. Polarized OE cells were also capable of compartment-specific secretion of [L-35 S]-methionine-labeled proteins. A 45 kDa acidic protein was predominantly secreted into the apical compartment while a 66 kDa acidic protein was preferentially localized in the basal compartment. Proteins secreted by OE cells were similar to proteins secreted by tissue segments in vitro. Therefore, under well-defined culture conditions OE cells may be useful in enhancing in vitro fertilization or early embryonic development. © 2003 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.

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