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Agriculture and Human Science


There is a great need for an understanding of the aims, purposes, and achievements to be attained through a functional guidance program in the A. M. Story High School, Palestine, Texas.

For the past six years, a vocational guidance program has been practiced in the Palestine school. largely, the program has been centered upon the giving of advice and information to pupils concerning certain vocations and occupations on the request of the pupil. As a result, only a few pupil3 were benefited by this service, and it made no real contribution to the total program of school life.

Statement of the Problem

It is the purpose of this study to develop a workable plan for clearly defining the role of the vocational agriculture teacher in promoting a better vocational guidance program in the A. M. Story High School, Palestine, Texas.

Justification of the Problem

Vocational guidance, as it relates to vocational agriculture in the A. M. Story High School, has not met the writer's expectations. The writer feels that too little emphasis has been placed upon helping pupils choose their vocations. Furthermore, no established methods have been used to measure the effectiveness of the present vocational guidance program. The writer feels that a functional guidance program should include a continuous process by which assistance is regularly afforded to pupils in situations where adjustments, planning, and interpretation are made and by which individual differences and needs are effectively related to the requirements and opportunities of social and individual situations.

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George R. Stafford

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J. R. Powell

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J. R. Powell


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