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Because of the lack of participation of some NFA chapters in leadership activities in Area I, the writer feels that some ways and means to increase participation in leadership activities would be a great asset to Area I in maintaining some of the vocational agricultural departments that are low in membership. Without developing more leaders in the HFA chapters vocational agriculture in the rural communities will suffer.

The writer has attempted to analyze the problem on the basis of two fundamental facts. First, presently, all of the NFA chapters in Area I are not fully participating in leadership activities; second, there is a need for more participation on the part of every NFA chapter in Area I, in order for Area I to compete with other areas, states, sectional and national NFA organizations. The participants would be in a position to receive more FFA Foundation Award money given to the NFA organization by donors to help boys to become established in farming. In order to solve the problem an attempt has been made to answer the following questions: 1. To what extent does the membership of each chapter affect participation in leadership activities? 2. To what extent was there participation in the NFA leadership activities in Area I from 1949 to 1959? 3. What are some evidences that there is a need for more participation in the NFA leadership activities in Area I? 4. What are some ways and means of increasing more participation in leadership activities in Area I?

The problem was selected because of the small number of chapters that are participating in NFA leadership activities in Area I. The foregoing statement is magnified in the annual reports of the agricultural teachers, which will be treated in a later chapter of this study.

Further evidence of inadequate participation in these chapters is revealed in the answers of the various teachers of Area I to the questions asked on the questionnaire. This too, is validated in a later chapter in this study.

This study is principally concerned with more participation in NFA leadership activities, emphasizing the number of NFA members participating compared with the number that could be participating in such activities. This was determined by mailing each teacher in Area I a questionnaire with questions on the number of NFA members in each chapter that could participate in the various leadership activities.

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