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An old adage states that there may be potential All-Americans in the backfield, but, the line play holds the key to their success. This means, and it is almost a football law, that the team with the most efficient and powerful and best-coached line generally wins the game. Efficient offensive line play based on expert blocking is the very backbone of offensive football.

Success in this important fundamental in turn depends upon sound techniques in stance and charge. Well drilled linemen usually beat their opponents to the charge, and they seldom lose an opportunity to out-maneuver them. They are keen to observe mannerisms such as a slight change of expression or a shifting of weight, which indicate the opponent's intension.

Modern offensive line play has developed tremendously along technical lines, and to play it well requires speed, courage, intelligence and limitless aggressiveness. Above all, a boy, who hopes to become a great lineman, should love body contact.

The refinements of modern football are simply addition of elaboration to a broad base of fundamentals, blocking and tackling. The same basic fundamentals that were important in the early days of football are vitally important today. No matter what formation a team is using or how elaborate its collection of plays, it will not be successful without good blocking. On the other hand, an offense will not be stopped without good tackling. Blocking and tackling are basic skills that every player must be prepared to execute in every game.

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate by moving pictures the fundamentals of line play for the "T" formation. The fundamentals will be demonstrated by a step-by-step procedure for each position on the line as to individual play and as to combined play as a unit. It is hoped that the film will serve as a guide for new coaches or experienced coaches wishing to teach more basic fundamentals.

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