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Regardless of the living standard of a group of people there are some fundamental needs that education must be directed toward satisfying. There are some revelations, with reference to these conditions, that must be determined before the needs can be satisfactorily met.

To make the generalization that a group of people are unhealthy would be about as informative as a person saying, "I am very sick". Nevertheless, there are times when a physician is placed in such a dilemma as the latter statement implies. What does he do under such circumstances? He subjects the patient to a physical examination in order to locate the pain area. He surveys the patient's habits and living conditions in order to determine the nature and extent of the illness.

Similar observation is applicable to a community. To say that the community is unhealthful or that the people thereof are unhealthy is not at all informative, if one is thinking in terms of correcting the conditions. Someone must submit the subject to a valid examination, and on the basis of the findings treat the community for its ailments.

This study of the health conditions of the one hundred households in Schulenburg, Texas, is a community health examination. This examination is made in the form of a survey which includes the factor evidences upon which health is measured.

In this study the writer proposes: 1. To determine the health practices of the families included in the study. 2. To determine the health habits of the families. 3. To determine the health knowledge that the individuals have acquired, the health services that the community has available, and the type of environment in which these individuals must attempt to maintain their health. 4. To determine the most potent influences upon the health of the people of the community. 5. To determine the point of attack in outlining a program of health education. 6. To measure the health improvement of the community during the last four years. 7. To determine the extent to which Agricultural Education might cure these community ills.

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E. M. Norris


Prairie View State College


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