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In recent years, there has been an increasing tendency on the part of government to take upon itself increased governmental functions relative to public welfare considerations. One expression of this interest is reflected in the several modifications and additions to the Social Security Act of 1935, which was designed to provide federal grants-in-aid to states to help them aid the needy, aged, the blind, and children who had been deprived of support or care by a parent's death, incapacity, or absence from home. One of the underlying philosophies of this act was to provide aid for individual security. The significance of recent changes in the Federal Social Security Act is vital to the American people because it affects the security of every human being, especially the working class. The social security program is playing a more important role than ever in the history of America. It is the primary duty of the social security programs to provide security for the working class in our democratic society.

It is apparent that public efforts to promote what is now called "social security" have deep roots in our national life and outdate by many years the passage of the Social Security Act. For years after the colonization of America, relief of the poor was carried on by local communities. Relative to the first era of the social security act, Eveline M. Burns stated that:

The local origin of such programs authorized by the Social Security Act are operated by the states and the Federal government's role is to help finance, to see to it that the states conform to the standards in the Federal Law, and to assist the states in improving their programs.

In order to aid the reader in gaining insight into the old-age and survivors, disability insurance and old-age assistance programs under investigation, the purpose of the study, its scope, method of approach, and terms relevant to the study are presented below.

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