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This study was made to ascertain facts concerning some empirical practices of Negro farmers in Marion County and to determine their implication for Vocational Education.

The importance of studying and analyzing the factors affecting the economic aspects of Negro farmers in Marion County that use empirical practices cannot be overestimated in a society whose standard of living must be improved as time goes on. In this modern age of science and technology, every sign points upward to scientific investigations and laboratory studies that aid not only in the production of better crops and better livestock but also in improving the quality in general.

During the past few years, it has been clearly demonstrated that success in any agricultural pursuit may be attributed to scientific investigation. If we are to prosper as a people, both the farm and the torban industrialized Interests must be equally considered and directed into sound functioning. It is highly impossible to neglect either of the basic elements in the public concern without the entire economic and social structure seriously suffering as a result.

Even though in many areas farmers are using approved and improved practices based upon scientific investigation there are those who depend largely upon experience or observation rather than scientific research. Vocational education must of necessity, figure in this unwritten, but recipe real approach that exists between these two classes of farmers. The writer shall attempt to examine the premises of the aforementioned mutualities.

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Willie F. Loekett

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Donald Williams

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Donald Williams

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L. A. Matthis


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