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Basketball like many other competitive sports has undergone considerable changes. Through the addition and modification of its rules, the game has advanced to a point that today it is considered by many to be America's most complex and fastest-growing game.

Due to great speed of the play and the rapid change from offense to defense, officiating has become a very difficult problem. In many cases spectators, coaches, and in some cases even the players become incensed at officials' decisions of some type or another. In the last few years there have been many incidents caused by controversies resulting from difficult play situations. These controversies in many cases are outgrowths of either misinterpretation, or in some cases, actual ignorance of the rule or rules involved. Because of the importance of sportmanship and fair play both to the spectator and player of basketball, some effort must be given to aid in seeing that these attributes are developed to the greatest extent possible.

It was thought that a better understanding of the rules and play situation that cause controversies might in some way help to foster better sportmanship and attitude toward officials.

Statement of the Problem 1. To select the play situations that cause the most difficulty during the season. 2. To exhibit those difficult officiating situations by moving pictures and to shpw exactly the nature of the foul committed. 3. Using the above data, attempt to create a film which might be used to further better sportmanship and understanding of basketball on the part of players, coaches, and spectators.

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John C. Mitchem


Prairie View A&M College


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