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Facts on Negro health are of the greatest interest to workers in the health field for a variety of reasons, Negroes constitute close to one-tenth of the total population of the United States. They are a clear-cut social group with very definite health problems that call for a solution. Health is basic to the general welfare of the Negro as to no other race.

An improvement in Negro health, to the point when it would compare favorably with that of the white race, would at one stroke impress many and wipe out numerous disabilities from which the race suffers, improve its economic status, and stimulate its motive abilities, as would no other single improvement. These are the social implications, of the facts concerning Negro health.

There have been discussions concerning the casual relationship of economic conditions to death rates. As a result of these discussions, consensus of opinion indicates that poor economic conditions and high death rates are frequently found together. If there is a possibility that economic conditions are an influencing factor in death, it is highly desirable that studies be made to determine the extent of such a relationship along with other factors having a bearing on high death rates.

The present study, "FACTORS INFLUENCING THE HEALTH OF THE NEGRO IN HOUSTON," takes into consideration the following factors: percentage in the total population of Negroes, number of persons per family, average monthly rental of homes, arrests, delinquencies, syphilis and tuberculosis death rates.

Through the consideration of the foregoing topics, a conclusion will be derived as to some of the factors that influence Negro health in Houston, the low economic area with the congested population.

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Dr. Sasser


Prairie View State College


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