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There is a wide spread need of a clear understanding of what even the unreflective mind believes to be essential in the life and education of each individual. We have talked about character,discipline and education and we have endeavored in countless ways to accomplish the character discipline of the individual. Some of these ways have been wise, others have not.

We must aim by organization and by formal instruction to establish such habits by reaction on the moral side as to establish the conduct of the individual as a citizen. This moral phase of our education seeks from each pupil courtesy which is the virtue of social life; and dependability which is the virtue of ethical life. It also endeavors to establish in each pupil the crowning good of a humble spirit which is the virtue of religion. The keynote here is a reverent regard for the rights of others and a wise orienting of the pupil for right living.

Character making has not achieved its present work in the schools for the reason that there has been no common basis of accepted guidance and what is more important pedagogically, there has been no interpretation of these principles into concrete specific terms in the child's mind. We need a literature couched not only in the language of childhood but in the thought form of childhood.

The writer because of teaching experience has reached the conclusion that the big problem facing homes, communities,and schools, is that of surrounding the child with the environment that is conducive to character building when the child enters the world; and to carry and fix certain ideals in his mind when he reaches the thought stage which is in the elementary school.

With this in mind, we turn our attention to a definition of character.

Character is one's way of reacting to life situations. Character is the sum total of one's ways of responding that have become totally set.1 A reserve force which reacts directly by presence and without means is what we call character.2 Character, according to another definition, is the peculiar qualities of a person or thing; reputation standing; person with peculiar standing.3

1 Germane and Germane, Character Education. 2 Holmes, Principles of Character Making. 3 Webster's Standard Dictionary.

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