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The definition of a part-tine farmer varies considerably in the literature and in common usage. The general understanding perhaps refers to a situation in which the fare operator works off the farm some minimum amount of time each year, say 100 days, in combination with his Arm operations. The usual understanding is interns of small-scale Arming, which may be the common situation but is not necessarily a requirement. In most instances, part-time farming has been conceived as a use of the labor resource in a combination of farm-off-farm work. For this study, a part-time farmer was defined as a farmer having gross sales of farm products of $200 or more, with the operator working a minimum of 100 days off the farm.

One of the major farm adjustments in low production agricultural areas has been the shifting of thousands of families from farm to nonfarm Jobs. Much of the move to non-farm Jobs has been made on s full-time basis.

A second major adjustment in such areas has been the attempt to supplement farm income by part-time work off the farm. Thousands of farm families who do not want to shift out of farming completely or who want to farm part-time follow this course. This has resulted in an extensive rural pattern of living and land utilization commonly referred to as part-time farming.

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