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In inducing tetraploidy in perennial rye grass by means of colchicine, Myers16 placed dry seeds in petri dishes on blotting paper moistened with .1%, 0.2%, or .4% aqueous solutions of colchicine. Sufficient solution was used to provide moisture conditions that seemed optimum for germination. For this purpose about 5.5 c.c. of the solutions were used. Treatment was continued for 5, 24, and 96 hours for each concentration of colchicine, after which the seeds were transferred to blotting paper moistened with tap water. The seed treatment with colchicine delayed germination, reduced the total number of seedlings obtained and caused the production of abnormal seedlings.

With these results in mind, the present investigation was undertaken in an attempt to determine and observe the nature of some of the direct results of the application of the drug, colchicine, to the watermelon seed. The data that is reported in the performance of this experiment came directly as a result of my own observations of the germinating seed, the time required, the percentage of germination and the observation of the components of the affected cells. The observation of the affected cells was made possible by the preparation of slides from the root-tips obtained during the germinating process.

The experiment was carried out in the Research Laboratory of the college during the month of June and the early part of July, 1944.

16. Myers: Colchicine-Induced Tetraploidy in Perennial Rye-Grass Jour. Heredity, Vol.31, No.5, 1940

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