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A number of industrial corporations such as General Electric are offering beginning salaries of $8,000.00 annually and promises to pay tuition toward a masters degree in an effort to acquire and maintain efficient personnel. By paying tuition toward a masters degree and encouraging their employees to grow educationally industry feels that once the employee has earned the degree he would return to the company a better employee. It was indicated that some industry provided financial assistance beyond the masters degree.

The beginning teachers average salary is $6,000.00 annually. Most school districts encourage teachers to earn the masters degree and also request them to attend school periodically. Educational institutions like industry, should assist teachers financially to grow professionally.

Blackman states that "the teacher, which represent all of us, must assume great responsibility. Our education, our productivity, our defense and our culture depends on a sound educational system. Even with many improvements in financing and spendings our teachers can not carry the burdens unaided."1

It is a general hypotheses that (1) cost of earning the masters degree is expensive, (2) an older individual and his family status constitutes additional financial hardships, and (3) that the overall cost to attend institutions offering graduate study is extremely high and in many cases this cost is increasing.

These hypothesis are shared by those who have earned or in the process of earning the masters degree.

This research study is designed to investigate and determine financial expenses which teachers incur for professional improvement and to what extent do these expenses present hardship.

It is anticipated that the results of the findings will give some insight into the following questions: 1. How much does it cost to attend colleges and universities in the State of Texas offering the masters degree? 2. What were the expenses incurred by fifteen selected teachers of the Dallas Independent School District to earn the masters degree? 3. What efforts are being made to aid teachers financially to improve themselves professionally on the state, local, and national levels.

The purpose of this study is to determine from teachers the cost to them in securing professional enrichment. The teaching profession is costly in keeping with todays trends for academic improvement. The study will also analyze and determine why teachers continue to use large sums of their income for professional enrichment.

1George S. Blackman, "Financial Problems," Educational Research (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1960), pp. 73-75.

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