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This study has been undertaken in an effort to determine the extent to which livestock shows and fairs and exhibits contribute to the educational growth of those who participate and to determine if it is advisable for others to participate.

Background of shows and fairs

In 1914 and 1917 passage of the Smith-Lever Act and the Smith-Hughes Act made available instruction in vocational agriculture and extension work in the high schools and counties throughout the United States. Since that time, teachers of vocational agriculture and county agents have employed numerous teaching methods in the training of students and 4-H club members. One of the devices used to a varying extent and with varying success throughout the states has been tine holding of livestock shows and fairs. Shows and fairs may be local, district, area, state, sectional, and national in scope.

Fairs in which youth participants are sponsored by many different agencies. Individuals may sponsor them more frequently they are supported or promoted by organizations such schools, county planning groups, subcommittees, and some civic organizations. Financial aid comes from diverse sources, for instance, in Illinois, race track funds are used for livestock shows and fairs. California has similar source for their funds; while Nebraska supports its shows and fairs by county tax levy. Each fair held in Arkansas is allowed five hundred dollars from state tax funds. In Texas, funds are received for support of livestock shows and fairs through gate receipts, donations from civic organizations, merchants, and by advertising.

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E. M. Norris

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J. M. Coruthers

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J. M. Coruthers


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