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As far back as recorded in history, soil and man have been so close that they could not be separated. Time brought about new developments in farming that have placed it among the most important occupations in the world.

In our changing social and economic order, the farmer has played an important role in helping make Democracy a reality, throughout the county, state and nation. This field of education has been given very special consideration, consequently, numerous questions relative to the effectiveness of Vocational Education in Agriculture on Farming may be raised.

In this study, the author hopes to show the effectiveness of Vocational Agricultural Instruction on the improvement of farmers who have received instruction from Vocational Agriculture teachers in all-day or "evening school" adult classes.

A Brief Summary of Vocational Agricultural Education In Wharton County, Texas

Records show that vocational agriculture instruction under the Smith-Hughes Act began September 1929 at the Wharton County Training School, Wharton, Texas. This was the only department in the county until 1940 when a department was established at the Parkdale High School, Newgulf, Texas located in the extreme eastern section of Wharton County.

The department at the Wharton County Training School served the county for approximately eleven years, during which time students from all sections of the county had to come to Wharton to complete their high school education. Each boy who entered the training school was required to complete four years of vocational agriculture before finishing the prescribed course of the school, therefore, each boy who attended from one to four years in the high school department, had vocational agriculture.

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